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  • An Excellent 17th Century Italian Archway
    An Excellent 17th Century Large Italian Baroque Gilt  
    And Painted Wood Door Surround 
    Estampille: VIEN 

    Height: 169" 
    Width: 106" 
    Depth: 20 1/2" 

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  • Exquisite 18th Century Kang-hsi Dynasty Coromandel 12 Panel Screen
    Exquisite 18th Century Kang-hsi (KangXi)  Dynasty Coromandel 
    Twelve Panel Screen
    Depicting Sui-Ho Of Tangs Search for the Divine Dragon in the 
    7th Century 

    Height: 9 Feet 2" 
    Total Width: 17 Feet 5" ( Each panel 17 1/2") 

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