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  • 15th Century Gothic Fireplace
    Very Rare 15th Century Gothic Fireplace From 
    The Guard Tower. 
    Provenance A Chateau In The Loire Valley 
    With Certificate 

    Height: 77"
    Width: 82" 
    Depth: 31"
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  • 17th Century "Pierre De Macon"
    17th Century " Pierre De Macon" 
    Stone Fireplace 

    Height: 64"
    Width: 57"
    Upper Width: 34"
    Lower Depth: 12" 
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  • 17th Century Fireplace Pisa
    A Good 17th Century Italian Limestone Fireplace 
    From Pisa 

    Height: 78"
    Width: 81"
    Depth: 40" 

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  • 17th Century Louis XIV
    17th Century French Louis XIV Limestone 
    Fireplace Mantle C. 1643-1715 

    Height: 40 1/4"
    Width: 51 3/4" 
    Depth: 12 " 

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  • 17th Century Pierre De Macon
    17th Century Louis XIV 
    Pierre De Macon Fireplace Mantel

    Height: 43"
    Width: 60"
    Depth: 30" 

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  • 18th Century Grey Jaune Marble
    Beautiful 18th Century French Provencale Two Stone
    (Grey-Jaune) Marble Fireplace Mantle 

    Height: 46"
    Width: 60"
    Depth Top: 9" 
  • 18th Century Louis XIV Fireplace
    18th Century Louis XIV 
    Stone Fireplace Mantle  From Provence 

    Height: 48"
    Width: 57" 
    Depth: 22" 
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  • 18th Century Marble Amber
    An 18th Century Carved Regence Period Fireplace In Mottled  Amber Marble 
    With Coquille Carving At the Center & Leaves At Top Of Column
    (this semi-Precious Marble Became Extinct In the 18th Century) 

    Height: 42"
    Width: 61" 
    Depth: 10" 
  • 18th Century Pierre De Macon Fireplace
    18th Century Louis XIV Transition 
    Regence Pierre De Macon Fireplace

    Height: 46"
    Width: 68" 
    Depth Top: 13" 
    Box Depth: 24" 

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  • 18th Century Regence Fireplace
    18th Century French Regence Limestone Fireplace Mantle 

    Height: 41"
    Width: 61"
    Depth: 28" 
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  • 19th Century Pierre De Macon Louis XVI
    Good 19th Century Pierre De Macon 
    Louis XVI Style Mantle 

    Height: 51"
    Width: 68" 
    Depth: 24" 
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  • Early 18th Century Marble Rouge Et Jaune
    Very Unique French Regence Period Fireplace Mantle Of 
    Rouge Et Jaune Marble 

    Height: 45" 
    Width: 64"
    Depth: 15" 
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  • Hand Carved Stone Limestone Fireplace Mantle Surround Los Angeles Antiques CA

    Height: 44"
    Width: 60"
    Depth: 31" 
    Late 18th century nicely hand finished carved simple lines limestone fireplace mantel surround in the style of Louis XVI with a rosette on each top corner and the Center medallion. The three rosettes on top of projecting scrolling support base. The depth 12 at the top so you can use it as a facade to your existing firebox. Antiques Los Angeles West Hollywood CA Beverly Hills La Cienega Melrose Ave. A beautiful stone surround for your firebox for a living room a dining room or a bedroom or even as an outdoor garden fireplace, this beautiful piece will add the touch of charm to any home's interior design or exterior seating area. In a traditional rustic or Mediterranean in a farm, English, mas manoir. This piece is very versatile because of the simple carving and the simple details. It has a small repair at the bottom of one of the pedestals. Overall great condition box height and width 37.5" x 49.5".
  • Large 15th Century Gothic Fireplace
    Large 15th Century Stone Gothic 
    Great Hall Fireplace De La Bourgogne

    Height: 82"
    Depth: 41"

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  • Large Louis Regence Louis XV Fireplace
    Extra Large Regence Transition Louis XV 
    Stone Fireplace 

    Height: 52"
    Width: 80"
    Depth: 23" 

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  • Louis XIV Style Carved Limestone Fireplace
    A beautiful Louis XIV Style 
    Carved Limestone Fireplace 


    Height: 64" 
    Width: 74 1/2" 
    Depth: 35"-26" 
    Box Height: 53" 
    Box Width: 56 1/2" 

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  • Rare 17th Century Large Louis XIV Limestone Fireplace
    Rare 17th Century Large Louis XIV Limestone Fireplace 
    Dordogne C1643-1650 

    Height: 62 1/2" 
    Width: 72" 
    Box Height: 53" Width: 57" 
    Depth At The Top: 45" 

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  • Very Rare 18th Century Red Marble Fireplace
    Very Rare 18th Century Louis XIV Red Marble 
    Fireplace From Langedoc 

    Height: 42" 
    Width: 50"
    Depth: 14" 
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