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  • 17th Century Tapestry Of : "The Americas"
    17th Century Tapestry Of : "The Americas" 
    Manufactured by : Royal De Felletin 

    Height: 9' 
    Width: 13' 7" 
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  • A Franco Flemish 18th Century Verdure Tapestry
    A Franco Flemish
     18th Century Verdure Tapestry

    Height: 6' 11" 
    Width: 5' 11" 

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  • Austrian Needlework Panel
    Austrian Needlework Panel 
    Signed Gustav Prager 

    Height: 62" 
    width: 90" 

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  • Decorative 18th Century Tapestry Fragment
    Decorative 18th Century Tapestry Fragment 
    Lined And Fitted With Velcro Strips For Hanging 

    Height: 65" 
    Width: 51" 

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  • Early 18th Century Brussels Baroque Tapestry
    Early 18th Century Brussels Baroque 
    Pastoral Tapestry

    Height: 116" 
    Width: 99" 

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  • Important 17th Century Flemish Tapestry "La Cour Royale"

    Grand Fine & Important 17th Century Flemish Tapestry Portrays an Elaborate

    Reception At The Royal Court. The Entire composition Is Enclosed within an Intricate

    Detailed Border Of Various Motifs and Medaillons.  

    Height 10' 7" 
    Width: 15'
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  • Spanish Silk & Wool Tapestry In The Manner Of Goya
    Spanish Silk & Wool Tapestry In The Manner Of Goya 
    After Design Of Jose Cameron 
    Manufacturer: Santa Barbara , MADRID 
    Late 18th Century 

    Height: 5' 3" 

    Width: 6' 4" 

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