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  • 17th C./18th C. Stone Well From Dordogne
    Late 17th Century Early 18th Century Stone Well 
    With Iron Work, From La Dordogne 

    Height: 77" 
    Top: 33" X 33" X 8" 
    Base: 38" X 38" X 13" 
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  • 19th C. Granite Well
    Early 19th Century Granite Well 
    From A Farm In Normandy 

    Height: 62" 
    Width: 51" 
    Depth: 51" 
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  • 19th Century Bronze Putty Fountain Holding a Fish
    19th Century Bronze Putty Fountain
    Holding a Fish

     Height: 29"
    Base: 15"

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  • Beautiful 17th Century Stone Well

    Beautifully Carved 17th Century Stone Well

    Provence Mas

    Height: 25 1/2"

    Width: 33"

    Depth: 33"

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  • Late 17th Century Carved Stone Well
    Rare 17th Century Carved Stone Well 

    Height: 31" 
    Width: 32" 
    Depth: 32" 

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  • Rare 16th Century Stone Marble well
    Extremely Rare 16th Century Stone Renaissance Marble Well 
    Estate Toscana 

    Height: 35" 
    Width: 40" 
    Depth: 40" 

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